Wyeth Not Liable in Premarin and Prempro Hormone Replacement Therapy Case

A federal appeals court Thursday upheld a jury’s finding that Wyeth (NYSE:WYE PR) (NYSE:WYE) Pharmaceuticals wasn’t liable in the case of a Little Rock woman who got breast cancer after taking the company’s hormone-replacement therapy.

Helene Rush sued the company’s parent, Wyeth, in 2005, accusing the New Jersey drug maker of negligence in its Premarin and Prempro hormone replacement therapy.

In her appeal, Rush said that the jury received improper instructions and that a federal judge allowed improper expert testimony while disallowing expert testimony for Rush.

Lawyers for Wyeth said at trial that Rush likely would have developed breast cancer regardless of whether she took Premarin and Prempro because of genetic and health factors, such as weight gain and a history of smoking.

In Reno, Nev., last year, jurors awarded $99 million in punitive damages to three Nevada women who sued over the hormone therapy.

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